​Before I start, this is my idea of Valentine and like always, it’ll be crazy😅 If you take Valentine seriously, I’m sorry but we can’t be friends😂 just kidding. I’ll write another post about Valentine but today, I’ll be writing about what Valentine means to me; or what is it.

So, what is Valentine? A lot of people have different definitions of Valentine/Valentine’s day. For most people, Valentine is a day of love and all that romantic stuff. But, Valentine for me is like every normal day. People are just so bored so they decide to wear red, they look for an excuse to buy presents when it’s not chritmas or anyone’s birthday, and they just want to go out😅. Valentine is just like Monday’s….but people hate Monday’s so, Tuesday’s. Valentine is like Tuesday, nothing special about it. But some of us (me😅) have to see people wear red, make plans, and talk about love which is too much! It’s not your birthday so chillax:) I don’t even know what today’s date is😂 so I probably won’t remember Valentine’s day. But with all the sickening red, I’ll probably have to remember it. Why?? It’s just so Overwhelming.

My birthday is 10 days after Valentine’s; on the 24th. You don’t see me forcing everyone to wear black (my favourite colour), or forcing everyone to get me a gift; maybe I should 😅 If you want to go out, do it over the weekend; it’s Friday any way . But enough with Valentine stuff. I’ll wear black when it’s time (what day is it anyway?); and probably try to avoid the internet 😂 I should really check my calendar. 

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